The Oliwell Objective


Discovering the Right Olive Oil for Your Wellness

Our goal at Oliwell is to discover, cultivate and produce exceptional extra virgin olive oils for the wellness-oriented customer.

We aim to obtain and supply olive oil that has fruity flavors, vegetative aromas, and the slight bitterness and pungency that signifies a great olive. There are so many qualities that olive oil offers for your health and for your taste buds!

We also match and exceed the maximum standard of the European Union (EU) regulations (Extra Virgin olive oils) with additional premium qualities. Oliwell’s chosen olive cultivars and olive oils come from regions in Europe that are prime for their millenary traditions of superior olive growing and cultivating. These areas are rated through the EU as DOP (Origin Protection) & IGP (Geographic Protection).

Body wellness translates to a Healthy Mind and a Happy Soul

Olive Oil enhances the pleasure of eating while offering the best nutrition for your body.

Olive oil is a basic ingredient of Mediterranean food and is likely the fundamental contributor to the success of Italian, Spanish and Greek dishes that have obtained widespread and lasting popularity all over the world.

In addition to unsurpassed culinary contributions, Olive Oil has numerous dietary qualities as it contains very healthy fats, Omega 3’s, is extremely nutritious, and is easy to digest. It has also been known to prevent heart disease and diabetes, raise good cholesterol, strengthen immune systems, and improve the look of your skin!

Traditionally, olive oil has been used in pursuit of healing as a topical curative remedy, as inner and outer body cleansing ingredient, and as a basic element in soap and cosmetics. Like many other products from nature, Olive Oil comes in different varieties depending on the type of plant and it’s different qualities based on extraction method and age. The appreciation of taste contributed by a specific Olive Oil to a specific food is subjective. However, after centuries of experimentation and tasting, there are some universally recognized pairings of certain types of olive oils and certain types of food.

A pertinent example of the wellness qualities of olive oil comes from Ikaria, a Greek Island. Ikaria’s residents are known to consume some of the largest amounts of olive oil in the world. It is believed that partly due to this high consumption of olive oil, 1 in 3 Ikarians reaches 90-years-old. Ikarians also have 20% fewer cases of cancer and about 50% fewer cases of heart disease than Americans.