Better than EXTRA VIRGIN


EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is the highest standard for olive oil categories. It is established by the European Union to protect consumers from fraud. Extra Virgin labeled olive oil must meet the following criteria:

1. Obtained exclusively from olives and by mechanical process only.
2. Have “acidity” below 0.8% (acidity is the content of undesirable fats).

Lower categories of VIRGIN OLIVE OIL also have been standardized*. Some have a higher acidity limit Others are treated with chemical and/or thermal processes to reduce acidity The result is that VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is inferior in wellness and gourmet quality.
*Specialized chemical labs will provide list and percentage of substances in the olive oil tested.

Higher than EXTRA VIRGIN quality is pursued by farms targeting excellence. Such “boutique” olive farms are diffused in Europe, especially in Italy. They are traditionally small, family owned and operated for generations. Their production is usually coveted by gourmet friends and high end restaurants. They compete for oil awards in yearly tasting and rating competitions. The rating is based on chemical properties and “panel” sensorial tasting*. The “boutique “olive oils quality exceeds abundantly the Extra Virgin standard. They are labeled “Premium” or “Gourmet” or “Genuine” as well as Extra Virgin. “Premium” sensorial qualities are varied and give the oil a precious “personality”. “Personality “is tied to specific cultivar, terrain, cultivation, pressing and storage. “Boutique” olive oil makes the buyers very proud of their treasured source. Over an above qualities, “boutique” procured olive oil guarantees against fraud.
*In “panel” testing, 12 certified experts individually taste and list bad and good qualities perceived.

Fraud in Extra Virgin olive oil business
Verifying if oil comes exclusively from olives mechanically processed is difficult. Ascertaining if the oil has been chemically treated for lower acidity is also difficult. For a consumer it is not practical to verify the components of the purchased oil. Chemical high technology provides high sophistication for adulteration of oil. Any oil, including mineral, may be processed and altered to simulate olive oil. Organized crime has taken advantage of this fraudulent possibility. Major episodes have been uncovered by dedicated police forces in Italy. Even reputable industrial names have been found with adulterated olive oil.

Protection against fraud
Ascertaining the source of good olive oil is the only guarantee against fraud. Better still is purchasing olive oil directly from a tested and trusted producer.

Sharing our passion

Above all, we at Oliwell want to promote wellness through the diffusion of Olive Oil.

We also want to expand olive cultivation to new suitable areas of the world. We are passionate about carrying on olive oil traditions and highlighting the health qualities of the olive.

Oliwell offers services and teachings:
- Analytical and subjective evaluations
- Chemical analysis and Sensorial rating
- Regulations and guidelines
- Standardization of quality
- Olive oil and historical civilization
- Conquest of the Mediterranean world
- Roman inheritance of Italy and Spain
- Nutritional qualities
- Curative and Cosmetic uses
- Healthy cooking with olive oil recipes



Oliwell has selected Italian DOP oils from noble cultivars available in limited quantity for exclusive customers.

Our selective process has found that olive oils from Sabina are of the best quality. Olive oil farms from this region are prestigious among DOP recognition for olive oil. These farms tend to be very small and mostly produce their oil for extended family or family friends. A few farmers have been enticed to extend their production to cover the needs of gourmet restaurants that look for the highest quality ingredients.

One such farm, SilviSabinaSapori has been supplying its Sabina olive oil to a dozen restaurants in Italy. This amazing olive oil farm has committed to supply their exclusive “Sabina DOP Olive Oil” to Oliwell for selected users in the USA and Japan. Check out their full product catalog. Try and enjoy this exceptional olive oil and stimulate your olive oil sensorial pleasures by identifying the subtle differences with its California offspring from Oliwell.

- Top rated olive oil from the most classical monocultivar olive of Sabina
- Known for its special enhancement of legumes and grilled red meats

- A rare find! This monocultivar olive of Sabina is almost extinct due to an exceptional frost in 1956
- Tastes great when tried on vegetables, especially potatoes and artichokes, and delicate fish

- Sommelier selected blend of Carboncella, Salviana and Leccino on a base of “Frantoio”
- Suggested for use on marinated rockfish, gratin seafood, grilled white meat, and vegetables