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Committed to Spreading the Word: Olives for Your Wellness

Inspired by the rolling foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains of the San Francisco Bay Area, Pier Antoniucci decided to launch a unique, new concept for olive farms in California. Pier was already intrigued by the Sabina environment in Italy, a prime location for olive trees and a beautiful region that measures approximately 40 by 50 kilometers. He saw a connection between California with its Mediterranean climate and natural environment, with his native land in Italy, where he grew up around majestic olive trees.
With the help of his wife, Marsha Nozawa, and with their shared vision for olive wellness, Oliwell became a California corporation in 2008, established for the ultimate purpose of promoting wellness through the diffusion of Olive Oil.

Oliwell has established connections with Italian producers and organizations in the pursuit of the highest quality of olive oil. These farms, olive trees, and cultivars come from the most noble and ancient traditions producing olive oil with nutritional, curative, and food enhancing qualities. We are committed to bringing customers happiness and health through the tiny but powerful olive!


Oliwell Corporation

15670 Winchester Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Telephone/Fax: 408-778-9403

Marsha Nozawa

Marsha Nozawa (Director) was born of Japanese parents in Taiwan. She grew up and was educated in Japan before moving to the USA. While progressing in a variety of corporate roles, including a few “start up” companies in Silicon Valley, Marsha started “The Rokuwa Foundation”. A non-profit organization dedicated to peace and healing between people of nations scarred by histories of conflicts and political hostilities.

Pier Antoniucci

Pier Antoniucci (Chairman) was born and educated in Italy where he also performed as corporate executive for the first 25 years of his corporate life, before becoming an entrepreneur in the USA. Pier is a convincing believer on the value of fine Olive Oil for nutrition, wellness and fine dining. He was born and raised in a region where Olive Oil was produced for Roman Emperors and for Popes.

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